Drybar Recenzje App

App needs some work

So if you are just trying to book a simple appointment for yourself it works fine. I was trying to book for 2 and I had to book 2 separate appointments and put the names in the comments. What complicated it even more was that I could not see that a second appointment was not available at the same time until the first one was booked. I had to cancel and rebook both appointments several times before I could get them both at the same time.

Apt Booking Bug Needs Fixed ASAP

This app has not worked for me for months now unless I am on Wifi which is only the case when I am at home or work. This roadblock has caused me to forego several blow outs b/c logging into the site on a mobile device isn’t the most convenient especially when that is usually what apps are for. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this bug after such a long time.

Worst App Ever

I absolutely hate this app. It never recognizes my barfly membership, and now it has dropped my credit card info. Why doesn’t it just link directly to my account? When you call you end up with a call center in India that is less than no help. May end up canceling my membership over this. Very frustrating.


I don’t know which update ruined this for me, but I have not been able to use the app to book appointments for almost a year now and it is super annoying. There really is no point to the app because I have to either call which is a waste of time since there is always “higher than average call volume” or go to the actual website. Let’s get this together please!

Love it!

Can’t get enough of the app!

Works... if I’m on WiFi

I’m unsure as to which update caused my problem ( but I know my work arounds, they aren’t always convenient for me). If I’m on WiFi, it works and will let me schedule etc, no problems. If I am on my own LTE network it will NOT work. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app. It doesn’t matter if I am on a unsecured WiFi (home router) or not... it would let me book. I do not like booking on an unsecured network so I don’t. The only work around is to log in via my web browser, or calling the drybar.... please fix this issue... this is not my issue. I can book on the website with no problems. So frustrating!!!! Been happening for at least 7 months (prior to New Years). Thanks!

please update this app it is so ugly

i love dry bar but seriously this app is configured for like ios7 please step it up

Useful App with Room for Improvements

This app comes in handy for scheduling appointments and checking for availabilities between locations. One very useful improvement; however, would be seeing the number of credits you have left based on the monthly membership plan. Look forward to future releases!

Doesn’t send an email to activate account

Really annoying that I can’t activate my account to book appt. tried multiple times and checked spam. Worthless.

Last week of March 2018 gone

The App doesn’t let me schedule an appointment on the last week of March 2018: that week doesn’t show up in the calendar when trying to book an appointment 😣

Ability to add gift cards to app to pay with them

I received a Drybar Gift Card over the holidays and was frustrated that I cannot add the gift card details to my account for future use. This addition would be a nice add-on.

Map or addresses of locations

Maybe I’m more obtuse than I thought. While I appreciate the location-enabled feature to locate the nearest one, I’m not always entirely sure how convenient or the exact location of their recommendation while I’m in the midst of booking. Even if it’s elsewhere on their app, that is when I need access to the information.

App is unpredictable.

Never shows I’ve cancelled an appointment. Sometimes says my validation doesn’t work and many times just freezers

Calendar & Barfly

Not being able to make an appt. for a Saturday/Sunday is inconvenient. I had been told that this was a bug from an update but this has yet to be fixed. Also, I wish I could keep track of my barfly membership through the app.

Overlapping calendars

I love the convenience of this app, but for the last six months the calendars have been overlapping in the app so I can’t choose dates to book on Saturday’s or Sundays because I can’t tap them. I have looked and looked for a solution and have not found one. I have called and could not get through to anyone who could help me after being on hold for 30 minutes. I have deleted and reinstalled the app twice.

Don’t make me login every time

I love this app. It’s super convenient to book and cancel appointments. However, I don’t want to login with my email address and password every time I use this app. Please allow users to stay signed in or at least adopt for Touch ID. We also can’t see anything related to our membership on the app.

Barfly Membership

It would be nice to be able access your Barfly membership to be able to: - see what date monthly charge takes place. - see how many FREE blowouts have left. - see which credit card the Barfly membership is currently charging on (and be able to change/update credit card)

Love drybar, but your app is awful

Clunky, can't cancel within 2 hours, can't modify, can't book multiple. Doesn't give address....so much is wrong here

Calendar Issue

I can't select Saturday's on the app. I've had trouble logging in and had to delete and re download the app. I like the DryBar but not the app.

Problem with the calendar

The calendar is flawed in the app so you can't select Saturdays. It needs to be fixed ASAP.

Some months have 5 weeks, guys

The calendar in the app only shows 4 weeks at a pop...and many months - most, in fact - don't neatly land in a 4-week time period. So if I want to make an appointment for the last week of any month prior to the Sunday of that week, I'm out of luck.

Needs to show member blow outs

It's a great app, but why can't I see my member services? I'd like to know when my month comes up, when I will be charged next and how many blow outs I have used/ have left!! Please make a new version!!!! I've been using the Dry Bar for over 2 years, would like to stay with you.

Zoomed calendar

The booking part of the calendar will not show Saturdays and Sundays for appointments if your iPhone is set to "zoomed". I would also love the "me and two" options like they are available on a normal computer for booking for you and two friends instead of making individual appointments.

Who says change is good ? (Me !!)

I'm a loyal Dry Bar customer & literally come in at least once a week. As a single mom to a very happy baby and a wannabe "Elle Woods," I'm long on pride but short on time so Dry Bar is perfect: I can do my hair "once" a week AND check emails, write briefs, answer calls ..... play sudoku in the sanctity of a few "free minutes." However, because of my ever changing schedule, sometimes I book an appointment with the best intentions of arriving on time, but life is hectic and I often need to change my time at the last minute. However, if this "decision to change" falls outs the 2 hour cancellation policy than you can't change via the app but instead, must call that annoying outsourcing system you call a help desk... AWW ! Please change the app so that we can make changes directly. Thank you, Busy Mom Who Hates Talking on the Phone

Updated app calendar display issue

I have an iPhone 6 and after updating the Drybar app to the newest up to date version, the display for the calendar view is cut off. When attempting to book an appointment, the calendar is "zoomed in" and I do not get a complete view of the month. More specifically, the weekend dates are cut off, making it virtually impossible to click on a Saturday for an appointment date. Please fix this issue!!


Good for booking appointments but no confirm prompt when canceling appointments which makes it way too easy to make a mistake and accidentally delete the wrong appointment.

Hard to book weekends?

Fix your formatting in the calendar, you can't see Sat & Sun. Also, once you select a date, you should show what date was selected!

Won't let you log in!!

Sooo many bugs in this new version. I can't press submit after entering my account info so I can't log in. If you go to "forgot password" you can enter your email address but it won't let you hit submit either. Ugh. Have to use web version.

Fast to book

I love how easy this app makes it to book, view or cancel appointments. The new version is finally more stable & doesn't crash! Yay!

The new update looks horrible

the sizing is completly off. and the calendars are cut off. you can't select a Saturday or Sunday date. please fix it


I can not book a group of three under one appointment. I have to do my girls and I separate. It won't give me directions when I click "Get directions." It doesn't even have a gallery/menu. I can't see the products. This is not a convenient app at all!

Terrible App

They shouldn't even have an app for how useless it is. Would prefer to leave zero stars. Makes me hate the company even more for how difficult they've made it to book appointments.

Easy to use, one feature request!

I love the company and find booking a blowdry easy and painless! However there is no way to change an appointment - I constantly find myself canceling the original one and rebooking a new one. Option to change rather than cancel and rebook would be fantastic!

Why can't you modify appointments still?!

Love this app but seriously, you have a "modify your appointment" option that doesn't let you modify your appointment. All you can do is cancel it (not knowing if another option is even available - in which case I may not wanna cancel!) please fix this!

Center City Philadelphia

DO NOT Book at this location!!!! The Management are horrible to their employees. They need to go back to training or simply be replaced. The way they handle problems in front of customers is so unprofessional. They bad mouth their own employees while customers are around. Its just not ok. I would not book here again.


How sad I couldn't even get passed creating an account on this app- too bad as I'd like to use DryBars services!


This app is awful and the actual blow dry services I have received are even worse

Great App - Needs to show addresses

App is useful for showing appointment availability & I love Drybar but it's frustrating that salon addresses are t shown when you're selecting a location. I live in NYC and its full of Drybar locations - showing the address & cross streets would be so much better than ID'ing the locations with neighborhood titles like "Murray Hill" "Midtown East." It assumes we have Drybar locations memorized & requires you to leave the app & google the address. Pretty sure it's the same thing on the website.


This app has no idea what my location is. It also won't let me cancel appointments and closes/crashes randomly. I also can't order products, which is what I really wanted this app for :(

Horrible App

This app doesn't work well at all. You'd do better booking online.

Won't work anymore

Please fix this app. I used to use it all the time with ease, now that a credit card is required, I try to input the card to get my reservation, but it says error and I have to call a phone number to get help. I haven't had time to deal with it, it is a shame that this does not work anymore as you cannot get anyone on the phone to make a blow out reservation. Please fix this!!!

Barely functions, crashes often.

Takes way more time to attempt to book/app crash/re-attempt (4x) then it does just to call & make an appointment.

Kinda works... But barely

To be clear, I've had this app for a few years. I use it semi regularly to book blowouts because I hate being on the phone and for that portion it usually works fine. Two major problems that I'm praying they fix with an update (been going on for months) 1 - location. They can't seem to find my closest location 75% of the time (I live in SoCal) and randomly says "there was a problem finding your location." All of my location settings are activated so the issue seems to be with the app itself 2 - can't cancel appointments. Once booked they can't be changed in the app and they say to call the DryBar number to cancel... Which I don't do because again - I hate the phone and I'm I guess lazy - and then get an email for my no show. Overall, it works but just make sure you know the name of your closest location and don't need to ever cancel or modify your appointment once booked and you should be ok.


Please fix your app. It constantly has bugs and shuts off unexpectedly. I have a card saved on the web, but it won't save on the app, which makes it impossible to book online.

Cannot book by stylist.

App as shows booking by stylist as an option but it's not. So no way to know what time of day to pick because not knowing if your regular stylist is available makes it pointless to book on the app. Obviously. So it's a huge Bummer to try and find that out. Besides there is no personality in the app. It feels like a dead end wasteland of dark griege. Calling may take longer but the people are nice and they have personalities. Humans make all the atmosphere, while a Dead Grey App deadens the enjoyment of the experience.

Worst app ever

I don't understand why this app is so bad. It crashes 50% of the time and just closes/shuts down. You often can't alter appointments for a variety of buggy reasons. I love drybar and hate this app!


Great app. Great service. Love Drybar!

Not working

This app does not work at all! I can book but I can't view or change my appointments. What's the point of having an app when it tells me to call customer service instead.

Works perfectly for me!

I love this app--I'm able to book blowouts in a jiffy! I love that I'm able to see what appointment times are available. Also, when I'm traveling, the app lets me find the shop closest to me!!

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